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"Divine Democracy" July 8, 2018 at Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn

Art: The Great Commission, Artist: Nalini Jayasuriya
Scripture: Mark 6:1-13

I often feel uncomfortable when I visit my hometown, the place I grew up.
It’s a town on the South coast of Massachusetts, along Buzzards Bay, with a beautiful coastline of marshes and beaches. This time of year it’s very busy, the summer cottages are filled, people are down from Boston for a weekend at the beach. In the winter it’s very quiet, though still beautiful if a bit desolate.
It’s largely working class. It’s been hit hard by the opioid crisis. It’s somewhat conservative for Massachusetts: in 2016 Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by only 3 percentage points. In recent years the town public library lost its accreditation due to budget cuts.

I love my hometown. But sometimes I feel embarrassed when I’m there.
I feel like I don’t really fit in there anymore.
When I visit now, I wonder if I stick out as a city dweller— do I look like a New Yorker now? Do I talk and act in ways that make seem different? …

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